Quotes on Anger


Anger shows that you have lost the power of acceptance and forgotten that you can't control the world.

When anger arises, neither express nor suppress it, but sublimate it by being a witness.

Introspection helps you connect the dots of your reactions with your hidden fears and anger. Process them nicely and release them.

Step back and observe the birth, life and death of your every feeling of anger, lust etc.

Non-acceptance is a form of anger and wanting changes is a form of ego.

To stay happy, be pure and innocent like an infant, who has no anger of the past nor anxiety for the future.

Love strengthens relations, as one feels more secured in loving hands than in a stranger's strong hands.

You have been a stranger to your Self for a long time. When are you planning to return home?

You can give only what you have.Do you have love & forgiveness or anger & hatred?

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