Quotes on Satsang


To make the journey of inwardness easy, change your beliefs about happiness through Satsang.

Don't be casual listeners. Reflect and act upon the tips received in satsang.

When you honour the opportunities of Satsang and Seva, you get them again and again. So value them dearly.

Satsang is a belief-forming session. You may forget the words & analogies, but the insights & inspiration stay on.

In Satsang, Guru gives practical tools and inspirational tips; apply them to get immediate results.

To remain spiritually healthy, feed yourself with nourishing satsangs and monitor the calories of karma.

Satsang bears fruit when you begin to apply it in your life.

Do Satsang regularly. It gives insights, inspiration, courage, energy, hope and passion for your purpose.

Make Satsang fun. When emotions join, it becomes sticky and remains with you even in difficult times.

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