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Experimenting With Yourself – Cyclone Anger

Do your emotions get the better of you? Are you hit by attacks of anger? Do you want to get rid of this?

Try this simple experiment!

Think of Anger as an approaching cyclone.
As a cyclone is always named,
When you sense your anger on its way,
Repeat, ‘Cyclone Anger approaching, Cyclone Anger approaching!’

To stay safe from a cyclone, you secure the doors and windows of your house,
So also, slam the door on this unwanted guest… ANGER.
Do not let it enter!

Choose your moods and don’t let them shatter your happiness.
Remain a witness.
Cyclone Anger will move away and you will remain unaffected.

This experiment helps you to be aware of your weak moments in advance, And you can, in no time be free from them and remain safe and unaffected.


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