Quotes on Truth


God is truth, and truth is like fire; it has the power to burn away all falsehood.

Like a cow is keen to feed her calf, the Guru's selfless love is more eager to nourish the disciple than the disciple's yearning to know the truth.

Truth is simple but is forgotten. Persevere sincerely to remind yourself of who you truly are.

Salutations to the Enlightened Master and His works that help kindle the quest for truth latent in you.

For true happiness, peace and truth, seek inner transformation.

Truth is One. It has no religion, sect, gender or nationality. Awaken to the truth. The differences are only skin deep.

Let any difficulty arise in seeing the truth, 'giving up' is not the spirit of an aspirant.

Let your truth be beneficial and pleasant to others.

Truth alone triumphs. The one in love with God has no fear of the wicked.

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