Quotes on Purity


Guru raises you to the level of inner purity and then lets you discharge your duties in the world.

The fruit of austerity is inner peace and purity.

A life connected to the Guru is full of joy, peace and purity.

Revere the absolute purity of the Lord. It will tempt you to purify yourself.

Even a passing thought of the Guru, like spring, brings a waft of freshness and purity into life.

A heart tainted with selfishness contributes to pollution in the world. A soul fragrant with virtues contributes to purity around.

Dharma gives a spiritual 'high' - an experience of purity, peace and bliss.

The blessing of a spiritual life is a state of peace, purity, stability and cheerfulness.

The purpose to study scriptures is to attain inner purity. Check - is that happening?

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