Quotes on Pure


Check your joy and spirit when you say 'I'm pure Self.' That will decide how soon you will manifest it.

You are not that what comes and goes. You are the knower of all the changes. Awaken to your unchanging pure nature.

You are pure, complete, eternal, constant & independent. Experience and celebrate your wealth of inherent bliss.

Praise and censure should seem irrelevant if you want to leap to realising the pure Self.

Meditation is being a witness to thoughts and freezing in the pure nature of the Self.

Want to live a meaningful life? Open your eyes to your pure Self and make life a celebration.

Your spiritual journey of reuniting with your pure nature becomes easy when done in the presence of the Guru.

Before time can turn your present into the past, awaken in the now, to your pure and peaceful nature.

Keep your mind clean and pure. Feed it with good thoughts and adorn it with devotion.

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