Quotes on Life


Guru comes in life as spring.The disciple through his connection with Guru-ajna makes this spring lifelong.

Step back and observe the birth, life and death of your every feeling of anger, lust etc.

Check, catch and correct your false beliefs. For what goes uncorrected remains for lifetimes.

Learn the equation of life - more money brings more comforts, more blessings bring true joy. Earn blessings from everyone you meet in life.

To live a life of a meditator, to have quality meditation, you will need to have a disciplined lifestyle.

Keeping your external life on autopilot, resolve to grow in awareness of your eternally pure nature.

Not your looks, but your outlook has the power to change the quality of your life.

Meditation is rescripting your life. The doer & enjoyer get replaced by the calm witnessing consciousness.

Do not grumble about your life. This drama is written by you alone.

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