Quotes on Karma


A higher connection and a noble cause make a simple act of running also Karma Yoga.

Know that every emotion harboured has a karma tag tied to it.

A strong bond of love with the Guru weakens the bondage of karma caused by hate and hurt.

To remain spiritually healthy, feed yourself with nourishing satsangs and monitor the calories of karma.

Contemplate the pure Self, the witnessing consciousness untouched by the nature of the body, mind & karma.

Whatever your karma may be, your mood should be in your hands.

Glory to the Sadguru, whose external life is managed by karma, whilst He revels in the bliss of the Self.

The purpose of fasting is to reduce the weight of karmas from the soul, not calories from the body.

Laws, be it of gravity or of karma, do not change. Understand them well & save yourself from their grave consequences.

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