Quotes on Grace


Feel the Guru's grace not just in desire fulfilment but in tasting such joy in devotion that desires do not arise.

In the light of the full-moon & the grace of the Guru, a devotee's heart dances to the tune of the Divine.

Pride of knowledge is natural to the ignorant, but knowledge of pride is rare & happens only by Guru's grace.

Smiling in any situation is only the Guru's grace.

When you become hollow of arrogance, God blows His breath of Grace to play the divine music of love, compassion and forgiveness.

Be strongly tied in devotion with the Guru. His Grace & His words protect us from our inner enemies.

Start with the storm of the mind and end in the full sunshine of your being with the grace of the Guru.

The Guru showers Grace like torrential rain! What you gather - a spoonful, bucketful or reservoir-full - depends on your worthiness!

Use grace for inspiration, not for magic.

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