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Do not make Satsang a casual event. Plan that day - your rest, food, meetings & inner state for the Satsang to be effective

Goodness can never truly die. It may undergo trials and tribulations but will eventually resurrect.

Being in Satsang should make you event-proof. No event of joy or sorrow can touch you. Be aware that you don't become Satsang-proof.

Raise your love from the gross body to the subtle mind-intellect & eventually to the Self, beyond the gross and the subtle.

Step back & realise that you are the unchanging presence in the ever-changing world of thoughts and events.

Renunciation emerging from wisdom leads to Self-abidance, eventually to moksh.

Start with glad acceptance and eventually become an observer of whatever happens in the world & at the body & mind level.

Make dharma a personal event, not a social event.

An event is an event. Whether it feels pleasurable or not is your projection and not a fact.

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