Quotes on Bliss


Enlightened Masters beckon the earnest seekers to come within, to realise & abide in the blissful Self.

Dharma gives a spiritual 'high' - an experience of purity, peace and bliss.

Glory to the Sadguru, whose external life is managed by karma, whilst He revels in the bliss of the Self.

Pure love coming from the Guru's inner state of peace & bliss, overflows and benefits others.

Share your purity, peace and bliss with others, not just words.

Meditation destroys old habitual roads, to make a new highway to bliss.

Prayer, for a devotee, is a peaceful, blissful, elevating and meaningful conversation with God.

In this New Year, gift yourself a blissful life of glad acceptance.

Invest your time in unravelling the wealth of wisdom from the treasure trove of Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra. It will earn you profits of peace & bliss.

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