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Yogasana for Digestion

Haven’t we all experienced that slight discomfort in the stomach that makes us feel uneasy, affecting our productivity throughout the day? Indigestion may tend to make our stomachs feel bloated or as hard as a rock. Whether it’s bloating, indigestion, gas, constipation, diarrhea, the truth is that we all undergo these so often. We can surely practice the yogic techniques mentioned below when we are experiencing some sort of stomach problem, but why wait until then? Let us practice these techniques everyday, which are great for indigestion and will aid strengthening and regulating our digestive system, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning through the year! Here are 5 yogic techniques to get our digestive system back in order!


The first technique is to sit in Vajrasana after every meal. This will help stimulate the digestion process. Use this asana especially if you have eaten too much or have stomach cramps.

Start in Dandasana. Fold your legs to one side and bring your feet underneath your hips. With your hands in Chin mudra, rest your palms on your knees. Keeping your spine and head erect, gently close your eyes. Inhale and exhale deeply through both nostrils. During each exhalation, visualise your ailment being released. Initially, you can practice this asana for 5 minutes, and then once you’re comfortable, you can increase it to 15 minutes after every meal.


From Vajrasana, you can move into Balasana to further relieve indigestion and bloating. Inhale while raising your arms and extending your trunk upwards. Exhale and slowly bend forward from the waist, bringing the chest towards the floor. Place your palms and forehead onto the floor. Hold this position for 6 to 8 breaths and inhale and slowly lift your forehead and trunk off the floor. Exhale and come back to Vajrasana.

Parivritta Anjaneyasana

This asana gives great relief for constipation. Start in Adho Mukha Svanasana, or Downward-Facing Dog. Inhale deeply, and on the exhalation, bring the right foot forward and place it between your hands. Make sure that the right knee is directly above the heel of your foot.

Bring your hands together at the heart centre. Inhale deeply, and on the exhalation, twist your torso towards the right, bringing the left elbow onto your right knee, raising the right elbow into the air. Look up towards the ceiling and hold the position for 6 to 8 breaths. Release the pose and come back to Adho Mukha Svanasana. Repeat on the other side.


As the name itself states, Pavanamuktasana, is very helpful to free excess wind from the body or essentially release gas from the body.

Start off by lying down with your back on the floor and legs and feet together. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, bend your knees and bring them close to your chest. Clasp your knees with your arms. Inhale and gently lift your head off the floor and touch your forehead to your knees. Hold the position for 6 to 8 breaths. Exhale and gently rest your head back onto the floor, and release your arms. Inhale, again lifting your legs straight up into the air. Exhale, bringing the legs back to the floor and finally rest for a few breaths in this supine position.

Vayu Mudra

This last technique is very convenient if you are in a space where you cannot do asanas, such as at your office or while travelling in the car. Vayu mudra can be used to help with most of your digestion related issues.

To form this mudra, first extend all the fingers, and then place the tip of your index finger against the base of the thumb. Gently bring pressure upon the index finger using your thumb. Hold this mudra as long as comfortable (preferably up to 30 minutes). This mudra can be performed with both hands.

With all these wonderful techniques, let us not allow our stomachs to feel uneasiness any longer. We can support our digestive system through practicing these asanas daily and also keeping track of what we eat, such as eating a high-fibre diet, plenty of greens, avoiding oily, processed, and junk food, and reducing bad habits such as excess caffeine. Moreover, catering to our water intake and creating a consistent schedule for ourselves will help tremendously. With enough water intake, timely meals, and regular yogasana practise, let us take the care and effort to keep our digestive system healthy!


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