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You came to my doorstep

O Lord!

You came to my doorstep and asked in alms, my old and worn out beliefs. You have blessed me infinitely by taking away from me my barren beliefs and by giving me faith through right thinking.

You taught me to accept truth of my Being by understanding and experimenting, and not by mere listening. O Divine Benefactor! You have removed all my false notions and doubts.

By Your grace, I have realised the futility of blind beliefs and wishful thinking. I have now developed a deep yearning for experiencing my own divine nature.

Instead of doubting truth, I shall pass through the process of thinking. Bless me that I complete this journey from delusion to Enlightenment.

Wondrous is the path of faith unto Truth!

Wondrous are the expounders of this eternal path of faith unto Truth!

Wondrous is the Sadguru who guides me to unswerving faith in Truth!

O Lord of Lords! May You always be in my heart. May You be victorious forever.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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#SadguruWhispers Sanyas is to accept the Lord's invitation to go within.