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4 Quips on the Guru’s Grace

Bapaji, what is the importance of a Guru?

The importance of a Guru in our life is just like the importance of our heartbeats!

He is not always visible, but He silently supports our life!

Bapaji, how far back does the relationship with my Guru go?

He was there for you, Even before you met Him;

He will always be there for you.

With this faith in your Guru, Dare to dream big!

Bapaji, how does the Guru shape a disciple?

GURU: Teaches You and Trains You,

Tests You and Fails You,

As…Your Ego Dissolves,

You… Evolve!

Bapaji, how does the Sadguru transform our life?

A Sadguru is like a pencil, who writes happiness in our life.

He is also like a beautiful eraser, that erases all our sadness.


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