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Amidst inner impurities, the Self remains unchanging and pure. Detach from the modifications to experience the pure Self.

A seeker's inner journey begins with love, faith, and surrender to his living Enlightened Master.

You are short-sighted if you can only plan for this life but cannot envision beyond death.

Willingly, intentionally & firmly hold on to your practices. They will hold you back from falling into worldliness.

Make life an adventure. The fun lies in the spirit of exploring and experimenting new frontiers.

Awareness and simplicity are the hallmarks of the spiritual aspirant.

Travel light! Carrying emotional luggage will make the joyous journey of life painful.

Look at every event in the floodlight of the Guru's teachings and reprogram your wrong beliefs.

The Enlightenned Guru teaches, touches and turns our focus towards the pure Self.

#SadguruWhispers The Guru is a yogi. Seeing Him, you learn to effortlessly balance your soul & the various roles you play in life.