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Patrank – 55

Vavania, Falgun Sud 9, Sunday, 1945

Salutation to the dispassionate Great Ones

Karma is an inert substance. All those who, to whatever extent, have a self-identifying association with that inert substance, that much is the inertness i.e. ignorance they have, that is experienced. The wonder is, that though they are inert, they make the consciousness believe that it is inert! Consciousness, forgetting its nature of consciousness, believes them to be its own nature only. The ones who do not believe that association of karma and the modifications formed due to their manifestation, to be their own nature, and are experiencing the past associations that lie latent, without creating new bonds; those beings, attaining higher and higher levels of the true nature, shall attain the pure state of Consciousness, to say so is authentic. Because in the past, this has happened, in the present, this is happening, and in the future, this alone shall happen.

Any being, while experiencing the manifesting karma, stepping into the progression of equanimity, if he acts without creating new bonds, then surely he shall attain purity of consciousness.

With humility, straightforwardness, and modesty, if one forever remains at the Lotus Feet of the Enlightened One, then the Great Ones who have been offered salutations, the type of prosperity that those Great Ones have, that type of prosperity can be well attained.

Since infinity, either true worthiness has not been accomplished or the Enlightened One (in Whom exist the virtues of true Guru, satsang and talks about the truth) has not been found; or else, it is certain that liberation is on the palm, and later on Ishatpragbhara, that is, the land of the Perfected Ones. All scriptures also agree with this, (reflect on this.) And this statement is proven at all times.


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