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Patrank – 47

Vavania Port, Maha Sud 14, Wednesday, 1945

Salutations to the Enlightened Ones

Learned One,

You may have received a letter from me.

I reflected upon your letter. The transformation in your inclination appears to me as beneficial for your soul.

Intense long lasting anger, intense long lasting pride, intense long lasting deceit and intense long lasting greed, these four, and deluding karma causing wrong belief, mixed deluding karma, deluding karma causing disturbance in right belief, these three, in this way, these seven types of karma, as long as they do not reduce to destruction-subsidence, subsidence, or destruction, till then, it is not possible to become Self-realised. As these seven types of karma become weaker, accordingly, right belief manifests. It is supremely difficult to sever the knots of these types of karma. The one for whom those knots are severed, it is very easy for him to attain the Self. The knowers of the truth have again and again advised to sever these very knots. The one who earnestly focuses on severing that, that being shall attain Self-realisation without a doubt.

The soul has been filled with that thing (knot) since time immemorial. Being focused on that, it has not had a right vision of its own abode. Main is eligibility, but you consider that I have been instrumental in your subsiding those passions etc., therefore, I have certainly this reason to feel happy that I shall possibly get a beautiful moment of receiving the benefit of the grace of the Order of the One free from all knots. Whatever is seen by the Enlightened One is true.

In the world, devotion towards true God – Sadguru – Satsang – study of the scriptures – right belief and true opportunity were not attained at any time. If they were, then such would not have been the state. But whenever you wake up is morning, insisting with humbleness this counsel of the good Ones in mind, one must endeavour for that thing; I understand that alone to be the success, in one life, of that which one has failed since infinite lives.

Without the teachings of the Sadguru and without the true eligibility of the soul, this has stopped. By acquiring that, to calm the soul that has been intensely suffering from the agonies of the world, that alone is the fulfillment.

Your mind has been attracted towards that purpose; this is part of the best destiny. My blessings that may you become successful in that.

Postpone your endeavours regarding alms for now. As long as there is a reason to experience worldly life, one has to experience that accordingly. Without that, indeed, there is no deliverance. If you can easily find a worthy place, then that’s fine, or else you must put in effort. And regarding wandering for alms, you may ask again at an appropriate time. If it is convenient, then I shall reply.

“Dharma” – this thing has remained too concealed. It cannot be attained by searching outside. With an unprecedented inner search, it can be attained. That inner search, some blessed one attains by the grace of Sadguru.

Seeing your thoughts having entered a beautiful progression, the feeling my heart has produced, I stop to express them here for a reason.

You may go to dear Dayalbhai. If he suggests anything, then inform me.

At present, I feel somewhat disinterested in regards to writing. That is why I have not been able to write even one eighth of what I had intended to reply.

Keep in mind this last humble counsel of mine:-

The Enlightened Ones endeavour not to increase infinite sorrows for infinite lives for trivial pleasures of one life.

Relatively this too is accepted that whatever has to happen that will not change and what has to change that will not happen. Then, becoming dependant on other worldly entanglements, why should one assume idleness in religious pursuit, welfare of the Self? Even if this is so, one must consider place, time, worthiness, condition.

May the world be uplifted by the grace of the Enlightened Ones.

Wishing thus, I end the letter requesting you to write a letter by return post.

From, only

Salutation from Raichand the son of Ravji – along with progressing dispassion


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