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Patrank 37

Patrank – 37

Mumbai Port, Aso Vad 2, Thursday, 1944

Salutation to Bhagwan Parshwanath

Dear truth-aspiring brother Ujamsi,


I received your handwritten letter last evening. Your quest for knowledge was deeply satisfying.

Infinite attempts to look good in the eyes of the world have not accrued any benefit, because traversing through life-cycles and its causes are still present. One birth spent towards the upliftment of the Soul, will compensate for infinite life-cycles; this is my humble understanding and all my activities are aimed towards this. It is my belief that I should adopt the best possible means and instruments to be free of this intense bondage. Why then should I consider whether it is favourable or unfavourable to the world? Regardless of what it says, if the soul is being free of its shackles and attaining samadhi (state of tranquillity), this should be done. This will lead to freedom from fame or infamy forever.

I am aware of their opinion regarding me, however, it is best not to pay heed to it. Have no fear. If someone says anything about me, listen, but do not react. Do not harbour any likes or dislikes towards them. The one for whom you have a strong attachment, reveres the Supreme Jina, the Greatest Yogi Bhagwan Parshwanath. Keep Him in mind and remaining dispassionate; aspire for the state of complete liberation. Do not get entangled in thoughts regarding life and death. To attain purity, give up thinking about the world. Remember the state of the Great Yogi Bhagwan Parshwanath etc. and aspire only for that state; this is my repeated advice and blessings to you. This humble soul is also desirous of that state, and is a modest disciple completely surrendered at the Lotus feet of Bhagwan. He advises you to have the same faith. Do not forget that everything taught by Veerswami with respect to substance, space, time and modifications is exactly according to reality. If His teachings have been slighted in any way, repent for that. Considering the present times, with awareness, surrender your mind, speech and body to Him, this alone is the path to liberation. Relinquish the belief in all philosophies – sects of the world. Abandon all your notions about Jainism: remain focused only on the glorious life of Bhagwan directed by abidance in the Self.

Do not entertain any happiness or sadness for this one you consider as ‘respectable’. His only desire is to be free from thought processes and reside in the state of no-mind. He has nothing to do with this strange world. Neither does he have anything to accept from it nor offer to it. Therefore, whatever the world thinks or says about him, holds no value for him. To return to the world gradually all the particles collected from it in the past, and thus absolve himself of all debts – this is his constant, conscious, cherished, greatest and supreme aspiration; besides that he knows nothing; he desires nothing. All his activities are based on past karmas – knowing this, be completely content. Keep this conversation confidential. We need not reveal to the world what we believe or why we act thus. Rather you need to ask yourself only this – if you are desirous of liberation, then drop your unnecessary thinking, likes and dislikes and if there are any obstacles in doing so, let me know. You will realise and drop it on your own.

To be free from passion and aversion from everywhere, that only is my religion; which now, I am teaching you. When we meet in person, I will show you some spiritual practices if possible. Else, religion is only what I have stated above. Focus on that alone. Awareness is the only sadhana (spiritual pursuit). Advanced sadhana is only the Lotus feet of the Enlightened, which also, I am conveying.

Maintain soul-consciousness in everything; remain meditative. It is not at all right to feel glad or sad about anything in the world, relatives, family or friends. To aspire for a state of supreme tranquillity, that only is our universally accepted religion, and in this repeated longing it will be attained. Therefore, have no anxiety. I belong to no sect, but dwell in the soul; do not forget this.

The one whose body is for the sake of religion, whatever is done to sustain that body is also only for religion.

Respectfully, Raichandra


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