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Vaccine for Worries

We all encounter worries in our life. However, constant worrying, negative thinking and always expecting the worst can take a toll on your emotional and physical health; leaving you crawling through life. Here is how you can help yourself to break the bars of the prison of worries

Worrying is not your fate. It is an unhealthy habit which can be mended if you intend to do so. Clean your system of the venom of worrying by following simple laws:

1. The Law: Recency

The Law of Recency states that things most recently learnt are remembered best. Thus, for example, what you feed yourself just before going to bed will influence your subconscious and consequently your quality of sleep and your thoughts to start off your next morning.

The Application: Healthy Nourishment Plan

Constantly feed yourself with thoughts and experiences that leave an optimistic imprint on your conscious as well as subconscious mind. Before going to bed, immediately on waking up and before commencing important activities during the daytime take the time to infuse positivity in your system through spiritual feeds, good reading, music etc.

2. The Law: Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. When you worry you attract negative energy and outcomes, whereas affirmative thoughts draw positive results.

The Application: Positive Energy

Whenever faced with problems and worries, we want to change things. See what is in your control and take charge of that. Ignore the things you cannot change. Garner positive energy and become solution oriented. And very importantly, see yourself in a positive light. You need to be your best friend if you are to overcome the habit of worrying.

3. The Law: Averages

The Law of Averages refers to the probability of a specific event happening. Check the past records and see if the issue at hand is actually worth fretting and worrying about. Chances are high that whatever you are so desperately worrying about may not happen at all.

The Application: Face Your Worries

List down your major worries and assign a probability of their occurrence. Support your exercise with factual information and then ask yourself whether it is worth worrying about. For instance, you are going on an adventure sports trip and you are concerned about deep sea diving. You are worried that you will drown in the ocean. Check online for facts about the sports and published data on mishaps. Speak to your friends and relatives who have been through this activity. Understand what you are going in for. Chances are that your worry is baseless and the experience will turn out to be a fulfilling one.

4. The Law: Conservation of Energy

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It only changes from one form into another, or is transferred from one object to another. So choose where you want to transfer your energies – in doing things which will bear profitable results or in worrying about things that will make you sad and depressed.

The Application: Channelise Your Worries

If you don’t not know how to transform your worries or give them direction, you will be dwelling in a dungeon of negativity. Face your worries fearlessly and channelise your energies to overcome them. If you are worrying about failing an examination, channelise that energy into preparations. If your worry is criticism, focus your efforts on perfection.

5. The Law: Belief

Whatever you truly believe with all your heart, with conviction; it becomes your reality. So believe in all good things. Believe in your dreams. Believe that everything in your life is there for a purpose and it is only going to transform you into a better person.

The Application: Believe in Help from the Higher

Believe in the Higher Energy that is constantly guiding you and taking care of you. Make faith and prayers a pivotal part of your life. Remember that you are bigger than the challenges in your life and there is abundant power available to you from the Higher source to tap into to face them and emerge successful. Learn to give yourself affirmations and auto-suggestions. Believe that this too shall pass.

Dutch writer, Corrie ten Boom says, “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” Keeping in mind these five laws and applying them to our daily life we can overcome the monster of worry and lead a peaceful, positive and productive life.


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