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The Roaring Sea of Ego

O Lord!

The roaring sea of ego, howling wind of delusion, burning inferno of faults pervaded my life. I got a human birth but did not endeavour to become humane. I could not withstand the force of my ego and self-will and turned my opportunity into misfortune.

But in the middle of this cold stormy night of ignorance, You dawned like the sun and wrapped me in the warmth of Your shelter. The clouds of doubts started to scatter and the ego began to mellow down.

O my Divine Saviour! You commenced the destruction of my unruly ego, which I wasn’t able to do myself. Promptly You rushed to my help and with absolute selflessness and ease You began this impossible looking task of demolishing my false image.

O my Spiritual Father! How do I express my gratitude? As my ego is dissolving in love for You, I am moving towards salvation. And I owe it all to You.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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