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Your Debt Ledger

We all keep ledgers of accounts. Pujya Gurudevshri introduces a novel concept of keeping a ledger of the emotional debts you have incurred while interacting with people. Use this introspection practice to keep track and redeem yourself of these debts

Step 1

Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for about 15 minutes; bring a notebook and a pencil with you.

Step 2

Draw a vertical line down the centre of the page, thereby creating two columns.

Step 3

Sit peacefully for a few minutes and allow yourself to enter a reflective mindset. Contemplate on the day and any situations in which you have intentionally or unintentionally wronged someone or caused them pain. Consider each wrong done as a debt you have incurred. You are now indebted to these people because of the pain for which you have been a cause.

Step 4

As you introspect, in the first column, write the name of each person you have wronged and how you wronged that person. Number each of these entries.

Step 5

Now, shift your introspection to how you can remedy those wrongs and bring a smile to their faces. Each smile you bring redeems you of that debt.

Step 6

Review your debt ledger everyday. When you have brought a smile to the other person, make a corresponding entry in column two describing how you redeemed yourself of the debt. Strike off the debt from your ledger. Strive to clear yourself of all your debts.

With this practice, observe how your awareness increases, and soon you will be able to catch yourself in time, before you become a stimulant for another’s pain.


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