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Writing a Revolution

Writing your thoughts and activities on a daily basis helps engineer spiritual progress. Journaling gives you the opportunity to remember the day’s happenings, reflect on them and realign so you may respond better in the future. Use this technique to learn more about yourself and construct a better ‘You.’

Step 1. Resolve:

Decide to set aside a certain amount of time for introspection each evening. Begin by sitting comfortably with a pen and paper and breathe deeply for two minutes, allowing calmness to envelope you.

Step 2. Remember:

Recall the events of your day, especially those that brought forth strong emotions or reactions. Of these, choose one that you would like to work with and let that memory arise clearly in your mind. Pen what you remember in detail, particularly your actions and thoughts at that time.

Step 3. Return:

As you write, check the beliefs that fuelled your emotions – were they in tune with the spiritual wisdom you have received? Accept, any mistakes that you made, and in that space, be willing to change your ways. As acceptance grows, you will find yourself returning from disconnection to connection, from discord to peace.

Step 4. Relive:

Now, close your eyes and enact in your mind how you would relive the incident, acting in a completely aligned manner. Then, write how this new approach would look and feel. See how your responses have changed.

Repeat this insightful technique with as many incidents as you wish, and experience how writing, accepting and reliving your responses brings you to purity and peace.


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