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Release Yourself in Forgiveness

Forgiveness is finding the courage to let go and returning to the greatness of your True Self

Be seated at ease and close your eyes. Breathing gently into the centre of your heart, experience all the fences you have raised and the emotions you have held within, because you have not forgiven – yourself and others. Allow yourself to feel the pain of keeping your heart closed up. Now, start opening up – reflecting upon the following.

Step 1: Forgiving Yourself

‘Knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word or deed, I have hurt, betrayed and rejected myself and caused suffering to my soul.’ Visualise your own life. Be aware of the sorrow you have held on to and sense that you can let go. Say to yourself: ‘I forgive myself for all that I should have done but did not, and for what I should not have done but did. For the times I have harmed myself out of fear, envy, anger and attachment – I now extend an unconditional forgiveness.’

Step 2: Forgiving Those Who Have Hurt Or Harmed You

‘Knowingly or unknowingly, I have been betrayed and rejected by others, and caused suffering to myself.’ Feel the grief you have carried, sense that you can set it free. When your heart is open enough, say to yourself: ‘I have held this pain with me too long. To all those who have caused me harm, I now offer my heartfelt forgiveness.’

Step 3: Forgiveness From Those Who You Have Hurt Or Harmed

‘Knowingly or unknowingly, out of my fear, grief and anger I have caused suffering to others.’ Be aware of the betrayal and rejection. Remember each situation that still weighs down your heart. Feel that you can release this regret and to each one in your mind say: ‘I truly seek your forgiveness.’

Step 4: Repeat The Three Paths For Forgiveness

Continue this practice, until you feel a release within. Forgiveness is a deep process which respects the pain, and in its own time develops into the freedom to truly let go. It cannot be fake or imposed, it is conscious and wholehearted. Let it become a way of your heart.


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