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Open Your Heart

Each day is a blessing, a gift from the Divine. Forget your worries, calm down and open your heart to this wonderful day. Love yourself, love the world around you, love being in love

Are you clinging to something that is making you miserable? Is the weight of worry taking you into a depressed State? Are external events causing you stress?

Opening your heart allows past grievances to be released so that you can be in a state of pure love where no hurt exists. With this simple meditation drain away your worries and cope with life calmly, confidently and lovingly.

  • Find a space and time where you can be uninterrupted.
  • Close your eyes and start breathing with deep inhalations and exhalations.
  • As your mind becomes calm recall situations in your life that are challenging or difficult.
  • Feel the struggle, distress, and emotional discomfort.
  • Gently place both your hands over your heart. Continue with your deep breaths and as you exhale, feel the stress dispersing and leaving you.
  • Feel the gentle touch and warmth of your hands resting on your heart. Feel a comforting, kind light building in your hands and spreading to your heart. Give this healing to yourself.
  • Allow this gentle, healing energy to flow, spreading to your whole body and bringing calm and healing where it is needed.
  • Ask yourself what you need to hear right now to give kindness to yourself. Accordingly say it to yourself.
  • Come alive and savour the blessing that is today.
  • Open your heart with love and gratitude; thank the Divine for the gift of life and the gift of love.

With daily practise of this meditation you can clear away any blocks and open your heart to experience more love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude.


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