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Raj Uphaar Hosts Diwali Events in Mumbai and Surat
Raj Uphaar began with just a handful of rural women in a small unit, but has now transformed into a movement powered by 200 rural women manufacturing over 100 globally-loved food and aromatic products.

Celebrating the indomitable spirit of these women who have been the cornerstone of Raj Uphaar’s exponential growth, as well as to revel in the joyous festivities of Diwali, exclusive events for industry-leaders and influencers were organised in Mumbai and Surat.

In Mumbai, over 100 invitees came forth to support the cause, such as Dr Aditi Govitrikar – Wellness Expert, Actor and Physician; Neha Ranglani – Health Coach and Integrative Nutritionist; and Ruchi Bharani – Chef at Rajshri Foods and Food Curator. During the event, invitees enthusiastically participated in unique activities such as incense stick rolling, macramé making and a fragrance guessing game. A panel discussion about improving financial literacy amongst rural women led to interesting insights. Attendees engaged in deep conversation with the rural women and were inspired to hear about their tales of transformation through the medium of Raj Uphaar. Invitees also shared their appreciation for the Diwali product range of Raj Uphaar.

In Surat, it was a day full of inspiration and joy as invitees enjoyed activities like tote bag painting, incense stick rolling and many more. Influencers at the event represented a range of industries and included personalities such as Roopal Mitul Shah – Fashion, Lifestyle and Fitness Influencer; Ritu Gupta – Choreographer and Owner, Ritu’s Dance Studio; and Vanitaa Rawat – Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Blogger. Attendees also interacted with the women behind Raj Uphaar’s products.

The advent of Raj Uphaar in the lives of these women has been nothing short of a life-changing experience. Through their dedication and perseverance, they have grown to enjoy economic freedom and social acceptance. It is in their stories that we find inspiration!

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