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Marathon Meditation
Over a thousand aspirants gathered at the sacred space of the Ashram to strengthen their meditative muscle and traverse within through the Marathon Meditation programme. This three-day event motivated participants to progress on their journey of self-exploration through various meditation techniques, discourses, self-reflection worksheets, yoga and pranayama.

Arpita Bhandari, founder of Aikyam Wellness, led several of the meditation practices at this event. She is a certified Theta Healer, Crystal Healer and Sound Healer which has enabled her to devise techniques that have been helping hundreds of people. Along with her, sevaks of the Mission such as Atmarpit Maulikji, Atmarpit Shraddhaji and Jivanarpit Dr Mansi Shah conducted sessions as part of the Marathon Meditation.

The refreshing mornings commenced with Dynamic Rhythm – Meditation in Motion to strive towards peace, relaxation, refinement, contemplation and stillness. Aligning the body, mind and soul were the early morning sessions by sevaks of SRMD Yoga.

The late morning and afternoon sessions had insightful discourses by Pujya Gurudevshri where He guided seekers through the journey of meditation and provided invaluable practical tips. Arpitaji conducted several absorbing meditations such as Time Yourself into Timelessness Meditation, Chakra Meditation and Gaia Meditation. Atmarpit Maulikji and Atmarpit Shraddhaji took seekers within through the Trikon and Labyrinth Meditations respectively. Jivanarpit Dr. Mansi Shah taught the art of Connecting to the Universal Breath.

The threshold of dusk witnessed seekers practising reflection through worksheets and mindful walking. The evenings saw the aspirants participate in varied meditations like Discover your Power Animal Meditation, Transcendental Meditation and Sound Bath Meditation. Cultivating the feeling of universal friendliness the evenings culminated with Maitri Bhaavna.

The finale session in Pujya Gurudevshri’s august presence saw people connecting with each other through the Tandem Meditation. Arpitaji and her team were blessed to receive a token of love from the revered hands of Pujya Gurudevshri. It also witnessed the launch of ‘Strengthening The Meditative Muscle’, a set of 11 insightful, belief-changing and soothing discourses on meditation by the Master.

Varied Meditation Techniques at the Marathon Meditation

  • Trikon Meditation
    Staying at the apex of a triangle as a silent witness, one simply observes the experienced on one corner of the triangle and the experiencer on the other.

  • Labyrinth Meditation
    An image-based technique that involves working through areas of improvement and focusing on one’s virtues for encouraging self-reflection and recovering balance in life.

  • Connecting to the Universal Breath Meditation
    This meditation demonstrates the important role played by breath in calming the mind and connecting to the self thereby paving the path to go within.

  • Time Yourself into Timelessness Meditation
    An immersive journey into the unknown by detaching from the doer and becoming the observer.

  • Sound Bath Meditation
    A meditation technique utilising Sound Therapy to heal the mind and body through music, tones, frequencies and vibrations which enhances emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

  • Dynamic Rhythm – Meditation in Motion
    A practice focusing on physical movements for slowly moving towards stillness by flowing through different frequencies, eventually bringing one to the present moment.

  • Chakra Meditation
    A profound journey of inward healing and self-discovery which aims at balancing the underactive and overactive chakra centres.

  • Journey Within You Meditation
    A guided meditation which focuses on the heart centre, a doorway to establishing a strong connection with one’s higher self.

  • Gaia Meditation
    A meditation based on the elements of nature to experience the sacred in the ordinary.

  • Power of Transcendence Meditation
    A technique involving chanting of mantras to bring one into the present moment thereby heightening awareness.

  • Tandem Meditation
    A partner-based mediation for letting go of judgements, becoming more accepting of the other, trusting the partner and feeling supported.

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